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Greetings! Welcome to our first AYS Cleaning Blog post!

We wanted to share a little about SPRING cleaning, and some key areas you don't want to miss.

Our very own "Lovely," Sara Peterson, recently met with Brett Kast from 7&4 News about a few of the key areas everyone should give attention to when spring cleaning. Some of the suggestions mentioned were: washing walls, window sills/tracks, and vacuuming furniture. Check out the video below for the full story!

Going a bit beyond the aforementioned areas, we would like to suggest several other areas that are in dire need of freshening (in no particular order):

  • Oven and stove top - grab your favorite oven cleaner, spray the inside of your oven really well (don't forget the corners!), let it sit for a couple of hours with the oven door closed, and then wipe it clean! ALWAYS make sure to follow the products usage instructions for best results, and safety!

  • Clean trashcans inside and out - If trashcans aren't cleaned regularly they can accumulate a lot of garbage droppings. The result is terrible odors, and a breeding ground for bacteria! That's no way to start off the sunny warm season.

  • Wash rugs, curtains, and blinds - These area's collect all kinds of dust, dirt, and dander! We recommend washing anything that is machine washable, and vacuuming anything that is (for the most part) stationary (i.e. furniture, some drapes, etc).

  • Reorganize and clean cabinets, cupboards, and closets - Spring is a great time to get rid of the old, bring in the new, and rearrange/organize what is sticking around. Don't stop at just bedroom, or common area cabinets/closets; make sure to hit the kitchen, and bathrooms too! Oh, and don't forget the drawers :)

  • Dust - It's very important to dust ALL the things! We are talking reachable ceiling fans and light fixtures, decor, and knick knacks. It's amazing how doing this one task alone makes a world of difference!

  • Baseboards, doors, and trim - These area's love to collect dust, germs, and scuff marks!

  • Bedding and mattresses - Last, but certainly not least! Spring is a great time to clean all bedding (blankets, comforters, liners, sheets, etc.), and do a quick mattress flip. We also suggest giving the mattress a quick vacuum!

Doing a thorough spring clean will leave you feeling healthy, and refreshed! Don't feel pressured to get this all done in one day, instead, choose just a couple to tackle each day (or week) until they are all accomplished.

Don't feel like doing any of the cleaning?? Well you are in luck! AYS Cleaning, LLC LOVES to help make your home beautiful!! Give us a call, and we will give you a quote :)

Happy Cleaning!!

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